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Since we have been involved in the Internet business for more than 6 years we feel proud of the achievements highly evaluated by our clients. The company system is well organized and established to do business with them smoothly.

Past news releases @2007

2007.12.14 New Year's Season Holiday Notice

We thank you sincerely for continuing to use our services. Intercast will be closed during the following time period for the New Year Season.

Holiday period: Monday, December 31, 2007 - Friday, January 4, 2008

We will resume standard business hours from Monday, January 7, 2008. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your consideration in this matter.

We will continue to receive e-mail and fax correspondence at all times during the holiday. However, responses will be sent starting from January 7, 2008. Once again we apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Contact during the holiday:
Intercast Information
Fax: 03-5464-0557

2007.11.15 Capitas Consulting - New Website Construction

We created a new website for Capitas Consulting (Minato-ku, Tokyo).

Capitas Consulting is a management consulting company which provides financial and risk management advice to financial institutions and business corporations.

In addition to basic information such as the company profile, member introductions, and service introductions, this website offers content such as pages that present topics focusing on a variety of themes centering around financial affairs and risk management.

For the creation of this new website, the client expressed a desire for website design not limited by the typical image of a consulting company. Expressing a sense of neatness and reliability via a white and grey based color scheme and then boldly combining this base with a logo mark featuring outdoor natural scenery, we crafted a wholly original look.

In addition to creating the website, we also provided comprehensive design services including business card and envelope design in order to facilitate a unified corporate image.

2007.11.9 "Featured in Web Pro Almanac '08"

We are featured in "
Web Pro Almanac '08" issued under the planning of Alpha Corporation. The Web Pro Almanac is a general information almanac on the topic of web content creation companies that introduces approximately 111 frontline companies out of all of the web content creation companies in Japan.

Companies are selected for representation in this almanac based on the following criteria.

Selection criteria *Quoted from the website of the issuer
1. There is an overall sense of unity and balance to the contents.
2. The contents are exceptional in color presentation in terms of visual design.
3. The contents have a high level of convenience for site users.
4. The concepts are firmly established.
5. The text messages are presented without deficiency or excess.
6. The opening pages are attractive.
7. The visibility is smooth via exceptional layouts.

Web Pro Almanac

2007.10.15 Featured in "Nikkei Business Associe"

An interview with Mr. Takagi, the representative of Intercast, was featured in Vol. 11 of "Nikkei Business Associe"

Nikkei Business Associe Online

2007.10.3 EURIS - Website renewal

We renewed the website of YURITSU Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture; Brand name: EURIS).

EURIS handles the design, manufacturing, and sales of original leather car seats and goods and provides high-quality, handmade products created by skilled craftspeople.

In addition to company information and press releases, this website contains a wide variety of content, such as pages which introduce examples of leather seat upholstery work in a before-after format and online shopping for leather upholstered drink holders.

For this project, we were requested to provide a total renewal of the website which we had the honor of constructing from scratch approximately five years ago. For the structure, we reorganized information for the website content to date and created a layout that shines an even brighter spotlight on the rich content.

In terms of design, while employing a subdued overall color theme so that photographs of products, such as examples of leather seat upholstery, are allowed to shine, we used a color scheme that also emphasizes the EURIS brand-color blue. And, we employed a compact and simple navigation format to improve the ease of use.

2007.7.20 Tokyo Lucky Taxi - New Website Construction

We created a new website for Tokyo Lucky Taxi.

Tokyo Lucky Taxi (Itabashi-ku, Tokyo) is a taxi company that operates taxi and transportation services mainly inside Tokyo, and in neighboring areas as well. It is known for having an at home atmosphere and staffing a high percentage of female drivers.

In addition to a service overview and employment information, the website also includes content such as employment Q&A and interviews of currently employed drivers

The client requested a website with a new feel, different from existing taxi company websites. By employing a subdued, calm color theme, and dynamically placing photographs of taxis and taxi component designs containing luster and texture, we created a design which evokes a lush, high-class impression and expresses originality.

Also, in terms of content, we included a variety of information revolving around employment such as employment Q&A and interviews with currently employed drivers and implemented a plan that allows job-hunters to gain a sense of the company image of Tokyo Lucky Taxi.

2007.5.25 Japanese Epilepsy Association - Website renewal

We renewed the Japanese Epilepsy Association (Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo) website through a request from Pfizer Japan, Inc. (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo).

Japanese Epilepsy Association is an association which develops the promotion of the social understanding of epilepsy, social support activities for people suffering from epilepsy, and survey research and nationwide movements aiming for sufficient implementation of epilepsy related measures.

The website contains an introduction to the Japanese Epilepsy Association, basic information about epilepsy, information on purchasing related literature and videos, and information updates.

In the renewal design process, we gave center stage to the mascot character for the Japanese Epilepsy Association, and aimed for a cheerful design using bright colors.

Furthermore, for items such as information updates, we have installed a Content Management System (CMS) which supports independent updates made by the client.

Customer response: Japanese Epilepsy Association

1) The reasons behind needing a website renewal
Our association has had a website for some time, and has provided information through that website to many people who want to learn basic knowledge about epilepsy. However, with the current advancement of the digitalization of information, we keenly felt the importance of educational activities and information provision via our website pertaining to epilepsy and the activities of our association, and wanted to enhance the content of our website. Thus, when Pfizer Japan, Inc. approached us with the opportunity, we decided to request a website renewal.

2) Why we chose Intercast
For the renewal of our website, we were introduced to Intercast by an individual from a company which has given us support in the past.

3) Reasons why we are glad we chose Intercast for the project
In addition to creating a website for our association, Intercast has experience creating websites for organizations for patients and their families which are involved with disabilities and illnesses. Because of this, they already understood the needs of a patient advocacy group, and were very easy to talk to.

4) Response after completion of the website renewal
In addition to a membership application form, Intercast created a new subscription form for Nami, the association journal, and a book order form. This resulted in an increase in correspondence and orders. We are also receiving positive responses from association members as well as individuals who want to know about or study about epilepsy, with comments such as, the website is easy to read, and it is nice that it is more cheerful looking.

5) Future plans for the website
Currently, the activity schedules of the headquarters and branch offices are introduced in the news updates box. However, we want to be able to update the activity schedule via CMS in the future. Also, in planning for further website upgrades, we want to explore the possibility of implementing features such as a search system.

2007.4.2 NEUTRA - Website renewal

We renewed the website entitledgNEUTRA - a website supporting young people thinking about work / not satisfied with their current situationhon a consignment from the Office of the Councilor (in charge of industry and employment) to the Cabinet Director-General for Policy Planning (in charge of economic and fiscal management).

gNEUTRAh is a website geared mainly towards young people which provides information on governmental measures to support employment and supplies a place for opinion exchange, information sharing, and opinion collection regarding the issue of work. In addition to a nationwide search for facilities which support job searching, a counseling Q&A list for questions and concerns related to job searching, and statistical data and questionnaires, this website contains content such as articles about job searching experiences by publically recruited writers.

This renewal began with the request for organization of data accumulated by the client (to make searches easy for facility information, etc.). Therein, we proposed organization and categorization of information and smooth navigation with elements such as (1) categorizing information by content and (2) providing a facility search method responsive to the usage goals of the user.

Also, we designed the site with consideration given to enabling an even more intuitive operation on the user end, with features such as an expansive and energizing design and a usage of icons and menus which is easy to understand visually.

2007.4.1 Aoyama Business School - Website renewal

We renewed the website of the Graduate School of International Management Aoyama Gakuin University (commonly known as the Aoyama Business School).

Since its inception in 1990, Aoyama Business School (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) has offered a professional graduate school program that cultivates both management professionals with an entrepreneur spirit and the skills to create business opportunities and implement structural reform and practical researchers who can adapt to changes in the management environment.

The web site contains introductions to Aoyama Business School's MBA, Ph.D, and DBA programs, messages for alumni and current students, entrance exam information, faculty information, and event and seminar information.

In the process of renewing the website, the customer expressed a desire to build on the information accumulated in the previous website and include the new aspects of a higher appeal to prospective students, enhanced ability to provide information to currently enrolled students, and a post production maintenance and management system.

We worked on a design that reflects the tradition and culture of Aoyama Business School and incorporates a high class feel. The photographic materials used in the renewal were original photographs taken on the school grounds, and we were involved from the photo planning stage. We directed the shoot so that the photographic color scheme and composition would be unique when compared to other university websites. Also, we implemented a website design that provides easy access to all of the online contents and improved usability.

In order to better provide information to currently enrolled students, we developed a bulletin board system accessible to handheld devices such as mobile telephones and PDAs and enhanced the information distribution system to current students.

Regarding post production maintenance and management, we provide a consistently operated full-support system managed by our office and facilitate speedy information updating and website design consistency.

2007.1.18 Saikyo Security - New Website Creation

We created a new website for Saikyo Security.

Saikyo Security (Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture) is a security company which mainly provides security and safety protection in areas such as public facilities, stadiums, and construction sites in Saitama Prefecture. Their past achievements include involvement in global events such as the World Cup Japan-Korea.

In addition to information on hiring and examples of previous consignments, the website contains messages straight from the work environment, such as information on the training policy and comments from security personnel.

For this project, we were requested to create a website brimming with a sense of fun that revamps the conventional security company image. We worked in a design that facilitates (1) brightness via a vivid color scheme and user-friendly icons and (2) a sense of friendliness via the generous usage of security personnel photographs. Also, a simple website composition allows extremely intuitive usage, making this a very user friendly website.

Next, we plan to aim for an even more proactive website design with elements such as customer comments and the implementation of an e-mail reception area.

Customer response: Saikyo Security

1) The reasons behind needing website construction
We wanted to have a website that acts as one criterion for measuring the reliability of our company, acts as a tool for the external distribution of information, and provides a method of recruiting new personnel. And because, due to the nature of the business we are involved in, it is common for employees (security staff) to go to the work site directly from home, and return home directly as well, we were also interested in a website that serves as a company-wide information exchange method and communication tool. In addition, we wanted a website that fulfills an information distribution role for customers and employment issues.

2) Why we chose Intercast
In the past, we introduced one of our clients who were considering having a website made to Intercast. That client was extremely satisfied with the website, so when it was time for us to have a website made, we wanted very much to enlist the services of Intercast.

3) Reasons why we are glad we chose Intercast for the project
Intercast was extremely fast in gathering and creating materials such as photographs used in the website. Also, the communication of information within the company was conducted smoothly, and we were pleased to see that the ideas discussed during meetings were correctly communicated to the individual in charge of website construction and included in the final product.

4) Response after launching the new website
After the website launch, many of the individuals coming to our office interested in full-time and part-time employment positions had first checked our website before coming, and were thus able to speak with a certain amount of knowledge and understanding of our company. Also, we are now able to include our website URL on job offer postings, improving the response from job-seekers.

5) Future plans for the website
We would like to have the website serve as an arena for communication from outside of the company as well as between employees, and also establish a system for managing such communication. Also, we want the website to include features only available on our website which have a feel that is different from other websites. We are thinking about creating a system that is interoperable with a mobile website and using it to reduce the business management workload.

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