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Since we have been involved in the Internet business for more than 6 years we feel proud of the achievements highly evaluated by our clients. The company system is well organized and established to do business with them smoothly.

  Past news releases  @2004

¡ 2004.12.27 TMD, Inc. - Renewal

We redesigned the website of TMD, Inc.

TMD, Inc. is a general trading firm with a head office located in the Shinjuku Ward of Tokyo. They are involved with vending enterprises and writing services, digital identification photograph machines, etc.

In the renewal process we carried out, the following two elements were the main focus:
(1) organizing information about the client's various projects
(2) making a design based on the client's desired image as a "cyclical society"

¡ 2004.12.20 Notice of year-end and New Year holidays

Thank you for your continued business. We would like to announce our year-end and New Year holidays as follows;

Holiday period: December 30, 2004 Ð January 4, 2005

Our business will start again as usual on January 5, 2005. We are sorry if this might cause you any inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

You will be able to contact us by e-mail or fax during holidays but we are going to respond to you after January 5, 2005 or later. We really sorry for this inconvenience but appreciate your understanding.

Contact address during holidays:
Intercast Information
FAXF 03-5464-0557

¡ 2004.10.22 World Economic Information Services - Renewal

We redesigned the website of
World Economic Information Services.

World Economic Information Services (WEIS) is a foundation that provides economic forecast reports based on political and economic information from countries around the world collected and analyzed quickly and clearly, sells publications such as directories of domestic import-export companies, etc. and operates Japanese-Chinese business support projects.

In the process of renewal, we created a site design that throws a more intense spotlight on the information providing services without losing the rich information providing ability possessed by the preexisting site.

* We built this website at the request of Niagara Limited.

¡ 2004.9.13 Western Australia State Government - Open

We constructed a website of
Western Australia State Government.

Western Australia is an expanse of nature and natural resource rich area in the west of Australia that takes up approximately 30% of the country's land (approximately 7 times the size of Japan)

The WAG website introduces information about regional characteristics, the business environment including the agricultural water industry and mineral industry, etc., and local business investment. It is also a download service for resources and moving visual presentations.

Intercast carried out website creation focusing on (1) organizing the contents in order to present a large variety of detailed information in an easy to navigate fashion, (2) enhancing the visual aspect of the contents to capture the visual attractiveness of Western Australia.

¡ 2004.9.9 Home Living - Open

We redesigned the website of
Home Living.

AIK Co., Ltd. has been active as an information business providing information on the furniture and interior design industry for many years. In addition to currently publishing an expansive amount of specialist magazines such as "Home Living," AIK Co., Ltd. actively collects information from abroad.

Their website includes a company introduction, publication introduction, and provides up to date news on the furniture and interior design industry, etc. in two languages (Japanese and English).

In the process of site design, we created a design focusing on a news reporting atmosphere able to describe the latest trends in the industry with incredible speed.

¡ 2004.3.31 Hamaichi Co., Ltd. - Open

We redesigned the website of Hamaichi Co., Ltd.

Hamaichi Co., Ltd. is involved in the development and processing as well as import sales of raw materials for food and processed food goods. With a 100% invested plant established in China Hamaichi Co., Ltd. has made strict quality management possible. Also, they are actively involved in Chinese cultural enterprises.

In the design process, we placed the management concept in the upper portion of the page layout so as to clearly express their company policy.

Also, we are facilitating a website wherein recommended product introduction and constant new information updates are provided for the customer.

Currently we have only worked on the top page. However, there are plans to also consecutively update the site contents.

¡ 2004.2.29 WTO Research Center of Aoyama Gakuin University - Open

We constructed a website of WTO Research Center of Aoyama Gakuin University.

WTO Research Center of Aoyama Gakuin University was created with the goal of allowing the university to contribute to the world society though comprehension and investigative research of international commerce issues surrounding the World Trade Organization (WTO).

In creation of the website, Intercast focused on a design stressing the importance of the Center's main theme, international investigative research. Also, with symposium announcements regularly appearing in the main area of the top page, the site is able to actively engage the interests of the general public.

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