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Since we have been involved in the Internet business for more than 6 years we feel proud of the achievements highly evaluated by our clients. The company system is well organized and established to do business with them smoothly.

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‘ 2005.12.26 New Year's Season Holiday Notice

We thank you sincerely for continuing to use our services. Intercast will be closed during the following time period for the New Year Season.

Holiday period: Friday, December 30, 2005 - Thursday, January 5, 2006

We will resume standard business hours from Friday, January 6, 2006. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your consideration in this matter.

We will continue to receive e-mail and fax correspondence at all times during the holiday. However, responses will be sent starting from December 6, 2006. Once again we apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Contact during the holiday:
Intercast Information
Fax: 03-5464-0557

‘ 2005.12.20 Mitsui Company - Website Renewal

We created a new website for Mitsui Company

Mitsui Company, located in Akasaka, Minato Ward, is a law office which was founded in 2004 with the goal of offering the best services available to clients via a staff of highly experienced lawyers well versed in a variety of corporate law fields.

For this project, we were requested to renew Mitsui's website. In order to create an atmosphere steeped in a traditional Japanese feel with a modern edge, we implemented a dynamic placement of a Hokusai Katsushika print as the main top page image. We also arranged the content pages to have a friendly feel and communicate the special character of the client's company to users, with elements such as the plentiful placement of staff and office photographs.

‘ 2005.12.12 Former Members of Showa Women's University Karate Club - New Website Creation

We created a new website for the Former Members of Showa Women's University Karate Club.

Showa Women's University Karate Club has over 20 years of history, and is a club that has produced a large amount of athletes. This female alumni club started by Karate Club graduates conducts a variety of activities, such as providing support to currently active athletes.

For this project, we were requested to create a public website to serve as a place where female alumni could gather and communicate. We used illustrations of karate movements for the main image and expressed a sense of femininity and the sharp feel of karate. Moreover, we implemented a simple composition and design to compliment the Showa Women's University website.

‘ 2005.9.26 Kasukabe Yumoto Onsen - New Website Creation

We created a new website for Kasukabe Yumoto Onsen.

Kasukabe Yumoto Onsen (hot spring), located in Kasukabe City, Saitama Prefecture, is a popular large scale bathing facility featuring a hot spring with low alkalinity content, rare to the Kanto area. The hot spring features relaxation facilities such as bathing areas, a swimsuit hot-spring pool, and a variety of kinds of massages. There is something fun for all ages.

For this project, we were requested to create the first official website for Kasukabe Yumoto Onsen. We used an abundance of photographs and illustrations, creating a website that communicates the atmosphere of the facilities. We also chose colors and a design that transmit a feel of healing and warmth.

The current contents consist mostly of basic information such as introduction to the facilities and an access map. However, there are plans to conduct even more assertive information transmission, such as offering value coupons and putting up notices of various events.

‘ 2005.9.10 Karate Do Kenshinkai Kijima Kyoushitsu - New Website Creation

On a request from the Karate Do Kenshinkai Kijima Kyoushitsu, we created a new website for Karate Do Kenshinkai Kijima Kyoushitsu.

Shotokan School Karate Do Kenshinkai has over 40 years of history since its foundation, and possesses a wide age range membership nationwide consisting of youth to adults.

For the design of this website, we used a dynamic design making use of figures displaying a classic karate movement in order to invoke a sense of karate action. Moreover, we included features such as member only contents via a password confirmation system.

‘ 2005.7.20 The Public Interest Whistleblower Protection - Open

We built the Public Interest Whistleblower Protection Website at the request of the Quality of Life Policy Bureau of the Cabinet Office.

The Public Interest Whistleblower Protection Act will come into effect from April 2006 to protect workers who report wrongdoing for the common public good. This website discloses all the necessary information for the public to deepen their understanding of the legal system and to apply the Act correctly.

Intercast designed the website to keep the concept of this Act. The website incorporates easy to use navigation that enables all visitors to access the rich content quickly.

‘ 2005.7.01 The New Mexico Representative Government Office in Japan - Open

We constructed a website of The New Mexico Representative Government Office in Japan.

The New Mexico Representative Government Office in Japan was established in April 2005 as an organization with the main goals of:

>>enticing Japanese companies to New Mexico, and
>>promoting the export of New MexicoΥs agricultural products, manufactured products, and services to Japan.

They employed us to design a website that created an environment conducive to trade and investment expansion, and informed the Japanese people about the atmosphere of New Mexico (which is situated in the southwestern part of the USA).

Intercast built their website with easy to navigate content highlighting New MexicoΥs attractive business environment. We also showcase the beautiful scenery and places of historical interest found in that area.

‘ 2005.6.01ASN - Open

We redesigned the website of ASN.

ASN is an architectural office whose main business is to arrange space - including store layouts and food coordination.

First, ASN created a visual design of how they wanted the website to look and feel. Intercast then created a website that accurately reproduced ASNΥs vision.

‘ 2005.4.18 Lei Blanca Beauty Salon - Renewal

We redesigned the website of Lei Blanca Beauty Salon.

This was the first request for an entire renewal on a site originally created by us.
The request was for an increase in information delivery capacity.

We proposed styling ideas with a seasonal trend, the use of the bright green salon base color within the site, and a gorgeous design using beautiful, large pictures of the salon. Also, in considering usability for customers, we created navigation allowing direct linkage to each branch shop.

‘ 2005.3.31 Taisho Sky Building - Open

We constructed a website of Taisho Sky Building.

The request called for (1) providing information about the building, and (2) creating a safe company image.

More than just a nuts and bolts introduction of the building layout, we proposed a "lifestyles" section giving information about the building, such as information on shops in the area. We then created a design that aligns a fresh and liberating image with the company name.

We handle all updates after the site launch. The most recent information is constantly viewable.

‘ 2005.2.21 Cascade Components, Inc. - Renewal

We redesigned the website of
Cascade Components, Inc.

Cascade Components, Inc. (Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Main Office: USA) is involved with wholesale businesses that import high quality import construction materials from North America into Japan, and home design, etc.

In reviewing the preexisting site, we carried out renewal focusing on branding with elements such as slogans and logos in addition to our goal of increasing the overall quality of the site in terms of graphics, etc.

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