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Since we have been involved in the Internet business for more than 6 years we feel proud of the achievements highly evaluated by our clients. The company system is well organized and established to do business with them smoothly.

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‘ 2006.12.25 New Year's Season Holiday Notice

We thank you sincerely for continuing to use our services. Intercast will be closed during the following time period for the New Year Season.

Holiday period: Saturday, December 30, 2006 - Friday, January 5, 2007

We will resume standard business hours from Tuesday, January 9, 2007. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your consideration in this matter.

We will continue to receive e-mail and fax correspondence at all times during the holiday. However, responses will be sent starting from January 9, 2007. Once again we apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Contact during the holiday:
Intercast Information
Fax: 03-5464-0557

‘ 2006.12.4 "Regarding Ascension to Caux Round Table-Japan"

December 4, 2006
Intercast Corporation

Regarding Ascension to "Caux Round Table-Japan"

Intercast Corporation (Headquarters: Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Dai Takagi) ascended to the ranks of "Caux Round Table-Japan" (herein referred to as CRT-Japan) on December 1, 2006.

CRT-Japan was established as the Japanese office of the Caux Round Table (CRT), a global network which conducts various business activities in order to ensure a freer, more just, and more transparent society. The major activities of CRT-Japan are to participate in CRT international conferences and to hold lectures on corporate ethics and the social responsibility of corporations in linkage with organizations such as Nippon Kaidanren.

We agreed to the CRT "corporate behavior policy" which states that "individuals involved in corporate management worldwide must fulfill an important role in improving the condition of society," and joined the organization.

Henceforth, we will actively incorporate the fruits reaped from participation in CRT and further contribute to the condition of society.


‘ 2006.11.1 "Featured in Web Pro Almanac '07"

We are featured in "
Web Pro Almanac '07" issued under the planning of Alpha Corporation. The Web Pro Almanac is a general information almanac on the topic of web content creation companies that introduces approximately 120 frontline companies out of all of the web content creation companies in Japan.

Companies are selected for representation in this almanac based on the following criteria.

Selection criteria *Quoted from the website of the issuer
1. There is an overall sense of unity and balance to the contents.
2. The contents are exceptional in color presentation in terms of visual design.
3. The contents have a high level of convenience for site users.
4. The concepts are firmly established.
5. The text messages are presented without deficiency or excess.
6. The opening pages are attractive.
7. The visibility is smooth via exceptional layouts.

‘Web Pro Almanac

‘ 2006.10.20 EURIS Online Shop Yahoo! - New Website Construction

We created a new Yahoo! Online Shop. website on a request from EURIS (Yuritsu Co., Ltd.) (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture).

EURIS handles the design, manufacturing, and sales of original leather car seats and goods, and sells real leather drink holders via a Yahoo! Online Shop.

In creating this new website, we focused on such points as: 1) Complimenting the color scheme and design of the EURIS website and constructing an overall sense of brand unity, 2) Providing a photograph composition that includes large size photographs, communicating the attractiveness of the featured item (real leather drink holder), and 3) Depicting the characteristics of the featured item in an easy to understand method via the use of illustrations.

Customer response: Yuritsu Co., Ltd.

A great deal of customers have expressed a strong desire to for information about our products to be available to a wider audience, and it was this that inspired us to go with the online shopping website creation. Intercast, which handles our website with reliability, incorporated our requirements and provided high level proposals making use of their industry know how with speed and an eye for detail. They surpassed our expectations and created a wonderful site that we are very happy with. We are looking forward to creating an even deeper relationship in a variety of areas in the future, and will endeavor towards web page creation which customers will enjoy visiting.

‘ 2006.9.20 Aoyama Gakuin University Psychology Consultation Room - New Website Construction

We renewed the website for the Psychology Consultation Room attached to the Postgraduate School of Letters of the Aoyama Gakuin University (referred to herein as the Aoyama Gakuin University Psychology Consultation Room).

The Aoyama Gakuin University Psychology Consultation Room (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo) is a postgraduate facility wherein teaching faculty with clinical psychologist certification and postgraduate students majoring in clinical psychology conduct counseling targeted at anxieties common in modern society such as concerns about child raising, nonattendance at school, job searching, anxieties about the future, personal relationships, and mental and physical ailments.

For this renewal, we focused on a design that would:
(1) Attract a wider range in terms of age and gender.
(2) Evoke a sense of the Aoyama Postgraduate University atmosphere.
Also, we incorporated illustrations within the layout as per customer request.

Customer response: Aoyama Gakuin University Psychology Consultation Room

We chose Intercast because we thought that they would be able to create a website that explains the Psychology Consultation Room in an easy to understand method even for first time users and inspires a sense of reassurance. Thanks to IntercastΥs work, contacts coming in from the website have increased.

Also, telephone calls asking repeat questions about information are decreasing. We are looking forward to having Intercast present Psychology Consultation Room news and frequently asked questions on the website.

‘ 2006.7.7 "The State of Tennessee Japan Office New Website Creation"

We created a new website for "The State of Tennessee Japan Office."

The State of Tennessee Japan Office (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) offers support services such as providing information to Japanese companies considering business in Tennessee. Also, the Office provides a list of over 160 (as of 2006) Japanese companies conducting business in Tennessee as well as Japanese language pamphlets.

The website lists overall investment information with the concept of combining basic Tennessee related information such as geographical features, climate, and history with Tennessee strong points such as the employment environment and taxation system.

We designed a website which integrates an original design for the Japanese office while remaining faithful to the atmosphere of the original Tennessee State website. Also, we organized the contents in order to make information related to Tennessee such as graphs and photos more effective and easier to grasp.

Customer response: The State of Tennessee Japan Office

We wanted to offer information about Tennessee State in the Japanese language to Japanese people, and decided to give the job of creating such a website to Intercast because of their rich experience in creating websites for official institutions of various countries. Intercast made the process of communicating the activities of our office and the information we wished to present smooth. It is our desire to be as helpful as possible to busy Japanese companies by providing local information in Japanese, and we look forward to updating and increasing this local information even further in the future.

‘ 2006.6.1 State of Kansas, Japan Office - New Website Construction

We constructed a new website for State of Kansas, Japan Office.

The State of Kansas, Japan Office, located in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, provides searching and consulting for clients who wish to conduct trade with Kansas or to open companies in Kansas. Also, the office also conducts trade promotion services such as introducing companies in Kansas to Japanese companies.

In creating this new website, we aimed to capture a bright and wide-open design keeping with the nickname of Kansas: "Sunflower State." Moreover, we made it an easy to navigate site via a simple website design.

In addition to an overview of Kansas state, this website will feature the supplying of information on topics such as the future business climate.

Customer response: State of Kansas, Japan Office IT Manager

The task of constructing a graphically appealing and website with an easy navigation and clear layout within a small budget has become a high priority issue. Because Intercast has a wide range of experience in the creation of websites of official agencies for various countries, including the American State Offices Association website, they understood our requests right away. We are looking forward to gradually taking this website to the next level in the future.

‘ 2006.5.15 Whistleblower Protection Website - Search database development

We developed a web search database to be installed in the Whistleblower Protection Website on a request from the Quality of Life Office of the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan.

This database was constructed so users can search notification/consulting administration facilities regarding whistle blowing based on the April 2006 Whistleblower Protection Law.

We gave the web search a simple construction to facilitate intuitive operation, and created a design allowing ease of use for a wide range of users.

‘ 2006.5.1 Consumer Protection - Web site renewal

We conducted website renewal for the Consumer Protection website on a request from the Quality of Life Office of the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan.

Consumer Protection is a website that delivers the latest information on a wide range of topics regarding the consumer living environment, such as the state of consumer related policy and consumer problems. It is managed by the Quality of Life Office of the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan.

Intercast was requested to conduct an overall website renewal. For the design, we chose to express a user-friendly and safe environment for consumers via an upbeat color theme of white and green.

Moreover, we designed the navigation for the ease of movement for the user to the desired information from among the several hundred page files posted on the site.

‘ 2006.4.28 Tokyo Serious Disease Organization Communication Association - Website renewal

We conducted website renewal for the Specified Non-Profit Corporation Tokyo Serious Disease Organization Communication Association (Common name: Tounanren) on a request from Phizer Japan Inc.

Tounanren is an Authorized Non-Profit Organization that is commissioned from the Tokyo city government office to act as a hub for providing services such as medical consultation to patients who suffer from a serious disease.

Their website includes information regarding Tounanren's main activities, introductions to participating organizations, and in depth explanations on topics such as serious diseases, disability pension, and health insurance treatment.

We were requested to give this website, which we created 4 years ago, a holistic overhaul. In the process of renewal, we maintained the previously established tranquil image and implemented an even more user-friendly design and navigation style.

Furthermore, we implemented a Content Management System (CMS) for the first time. This allows the client to create pages with simple text input in a management window. Providing CMS is a new service we plan to develop further.

‘ 2006.4.17 Tokyo Metropolitan Food Technology Research Center - Website Renewal

We renewed the Tokyo Metropolitan Food Technology Research Center website.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Food Technology Research Center is a public facility that devotes itself to research, experimentation, and investigation related to food product processing technology with the main goals of promotion of small to medium sized business within the Tokyo Metropolitan area and Tokyo resident food safety and improvement.

The website displays the newest information pertaining to the arena of food, including such features as introductory information on various lecture meetings and research group meetings, supply of materials such as research achievements, and introductions to published materials.

For this project, we were requested to renew the Tokyo Metropolitan Food Technology Research Center website design. Using visual elements that invoke the image of "food" on each page, we gave the website a unified design.
Also, we used a tab design for the navigation, making it easy to visually

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