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We offer you the service of "Intercast School" in order to response to the questions on the Internet l@including set-up procedure etc..

Support Service
From launching web pages to holding web lectures, we offer a wide variety of support services.

* Intercast Web Design
- New web site creation
1-3 A4 sized pages, up to 2 graphic designs such as titles, and up to 4 photos per page.
Price: \17,800 / page

* Intercast Website Updating
- Updating existent web pages.
Up to 1,500 characters with up to 3 photos per a page.
Price: \4,800 / page

* Intercast Consulting
- Lectures on web business.
In order to promote web business, we offer advice and aid cooperation between the office and the website, operating policy and annual planning.
Price: \24,800 / hour

* Intercast School
- Lectures on designing and operating websites.
Targeting people in charge of designing and operating websites, we explain in detail about the Internet and Web design.
Price: \17,800 / hour

* Intercast Set up
- ID and password set up for e-mail software.
We will issue an ID and password for your e-mail software and hold a basic lecture on "Sending and Receiving E-Mail" after set-up.
Price: \15,800 / 1 account per PC

*These services are available for corporations and self-employed individuals

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