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We have worked for a wide variety of business fields from shops like cafeteria, hair salon to organizations like university and foreign state government offices in Japan etc. Our Websites are combined with ideas of different businesses and a flexible planning free from existent frame.

Achievements _ Business Results Case study introduction
‘ The Public Interest Whistleblower Protection (creation, management)
The Public Interest Whistleblower Protection Act will come into effect from April 2006 to protect workers who report wrongdoing for the common public good. This website discloses all the necessary information for the public to deepen their understanding of the legal system and to apply the Act correctly.

Intercast designed the website to keep the concept of this Act. The website incorporates easy to use navigation that enables all visitors to access the rich content quickly.

‘ Whistleblower Protection Website (development, management)
We developed a web search database to be installed in the Whistleblower Protection Website on a request from the Quality of Life Office of the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan.

This database was constructed so users can search notification/consulting administration facilities regarding whistle blowing based on the April 2006 Whistleblower Protection Law.

We gave the web search a simple construction to facilitate intuitive operation, and created a design allowing ease of use for a wide range of users.

‘ Consumer Protection (creation, management)
Consumer Protection is a website that delivers the latest information on a wide range of topics regarding the consumer living environment, such as the state of consumer related policy and consumer problems. It is managed by the Quality of Life Office of the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan.

Intercast was requested to conduct an overall website renewal. For the design, we chose to express a user-friendly and safe environment for consumers via an upbeat color theme of white and green.

Moreover, we designed the navigation for the ease of movement for the user to the desired information from among the several hundred page files posted on the site.

‘ The Tokyo Metropolitan Food Technology Research Center (creation)
The Tokyo Metropolitan Food Technology Research Center is a public facility that devotes itself to research, experimentation, and investigation related to food product processing technology with the main goals of promotion of small to medium sized business within the Tokyo Metropolitan area and Tokyo resident food safety and improvement.

The website displays the newest information pertaining to the arena of food, including such features as introductory information on various lecture meetings and research group meetings, supply of materials such as research achievements, and introductions to published materials.

For this project, we were requested to renew the Tokyo Metropolitan Food Technology Research Center website design. Using visual elements that invoke the image of "food" on each page, we gave the website a unified design.

Also, we used a tab design for the navigation, making it easy to visually.

‘ American State Offices Association Japan
(planning, creation, management, business partnership)

Ÿ Business backdrop
(ASOA) provides State Offices and local government agency members with the organizational framework necessary for collective action and information exchange.
Website creation and promotion was planned to start in the year 2000.

Ÿ Intercast's Role
Intercast created a site design stressing the ASIA brand image and a layout easy for anyone to follow.
This year business partnerships lay the groundwork for a dense work system and the second phase of the project aiming at e-mail magazines and information quantity enhancement is underway.

Ÿ Result & Situation
Website creation has enabled collective promotion among group members while displaying a clear increase in access numbers.
Also, the site functions as an online reception desk for customers who have interests in American trade, investment, and tourism.

‘ State of Kansas, Japan Office (creation)
The State of Kansas, Japan Office, located in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, provides searching and consulting for clients who wish to conduct trade with Kansas or to open companies in Kansas. Also, the office also conducts trade promotion services such as introducing companies in Kansas to Japanese companies.

In creating this new website, we aimed to capture a bright and wide-open design keeping with the nickname of Kansas: "Sunflower State." Moreover, we made it an easy to navigate site via a simple website design.

In addition to an overview of Kansas state, this website will feature the supplying of information on topics such as the future business climate.

Customer response: State of Kansas, Japan Office IT Manager

The task of constructing a graphically appealing and website with an easy navigation and clear layout within a small budget has become a high priority issue. Because Intercast has a wide range of experience in the creation of websites of official agencies for various countries, including the American State Offices Association website, they understood our requests right away. We are looking forward to gradually taking this website to the next level in the future.

‘ New Mexico Representative Government Office in Japan (creation, management)
The New Mexico Representative Government Office in Japan was established in April 2005 as an organization with the main goals of:

>>enticing Japanese companies to New Mexico, and
>>promoting the export of New MexicoΥs agricultural products, manufactured products, and services to Japan.

Intercast built their website with easy to navigate content highlighting New MexicoΥs attractive business environment. We also showcase the beautiful scenery and places of historical interest found in that area.

‘ Western Australia State Government (planning, creation)
Western Australia is an expanse of nature and natural resource rich area in the west of Australia that takes up approximately 30% of the country's land (approximately 7 times the size of Japan)

The WAG website introduces information about regional characteristics, the business environment including the agricultural water industry and mineral industry, etc., and local business investment. It is also a download service for resources and moving visual presentations.

Intercast carried out website creation focusing on (1) organizing the contents in order to present a large variety of detailed information in an easy to navigate fashion, (2) enhancing the visual aspect of the contents to capture the visual attractiveness of Western Australia.

‘ InvestUSA (planning, creation, management)
InvestUSA is a website managed by American State Offices Association Japan with the goal of providing the most recent information necessary when establishing a company in the USA

Along with providing a high quality design, Intercast aimed to create an easy to understand website by organizing and sorting information.

‘ New South Wales (NSW) Government Office in Japan
(planning, translation, creation)
NSW Government Office in Japan is an organization representing the Australian economic and industry center of New South Wales, and focuses on promotion of trade and investment with Japanese companies

The site lists information about the economic and investment environment and newest technology, agricultural commodities, etc. of NSW.

Inercast became involved from the planning stage, carrying out manuscript creation and translation, as well as overall design renewal including site reconstruction.

‘ West Virginia Representative Government Offices in Japan (planning, creation)
West Virginia Representative Government Offices in Japan is an organization with the goal of promoting tourism in West Virginia as well as trade and investment relations with Japanese companies.

The website lists information about the West Virginia business environment and tourism, and has a photo gallery, etc.

In carrying out an overall design renewal, which included site reconstruction, Intercast placed a focus on ease of navigation, and the enhancement of a photo gallery designed to express the atmosphere and tone of West Virginia state.

*The client is carrying out post creation design changes and updates.

‘ California State Government (planning, creation, management, consulting)
The California State Government is the Japanese office for the California Department of Commerce. It is an organization that promotes trade and investment with California state.

The website offers business matching and the newest business information in addition to the most recent information about California state in Japanese and English.

‘ Kent, England Department of Development Office in Japan (creation)
The Kent, England Department of Development Office in Japan assists Japanese companies investigating business opportunities in the European market by providing information about Kent, England geographical conditions and giving support to companies that decide to enter the market.

‘ Aoyama Gakuin University Psychology Consultation Room
(planning, creation, management) NEW
The Aoyama Gakuin University Psychology Consultation Room (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo) is a postgraduate facility wherein teaching faculty with clinical psychologist certification and postgraduate students majoring in clinical psychology conduct counseling targeted at anxieties common in modern society such as concerns about child raising, nonattendance at school, job searching, anxieties about the future, personal relationships, and mental and physical ailments.

For this renewal, we focused on a design that would:
(1) Attract a wider range in terms of age and gender.
(2) Evoke a sense of the Aoyama Postgraduate University atmosphere.
Also, we incorporated illustrations within the layout as per customer request.

‘ WTO Research Center of Aoyama Gakuin University (planning, creation, management)
WTO Research Center of Aoyama Gakuin University was created with the goal of allowing the university to contribute to the world society though comprehension and investigative research of international commerce issues surrounding the World Trade Organization (WTO).

In creation of the website, Intercast focused on a design stressing the importance of the Center's main theme, international investigative research. Also, with symposium announcements regularly appearing in the main area of the top page, the site is able to actively engage the interests of the general public.

‘ Aoyama Gakuin University, College of Literature (planning, creation, management, consulting)
Intercast renovated the entire design of the already existing Coolege of Literature website. We expressed the Aoyama Gakuin atmosphere with features such as a top page featuring a variety of Aoyama scenery upon clicking.

In addition, we redesigned the site layout and smoothed out the navigation, making the site user friendly.

Also, in the realm of site contents, an "Academic Subject Characteristics" and "Student Voice" page introducing each academic subject in easy to understand terms were added to the preexisting academic department and academic subject introductions.

‘ Kasukabe Yumoto Onsen (planning, creation, management)
Kasukabe Yumoto Onsen (hot spring), located in Kasukabe City, Saitama Prefecture, is a popular large scale bathing facility featuring a hot spring with low alkalinity content, rare to the Kanto area. The hot spring features relaxation facilities such as bathing areas, a swimsuit hot-spring pool, and a variety of kinds of massages. There is something fun for all ages.

For this project, we were requested to create the first official website for Kasukabe Yumoto Onsen. We used an abundance of photographs and illustrations, creating a website that communicates the atmosphere of the facilities. We also chose colors and a design that transmit a feel of healing and warmth.

The current contents consist mostly of basic information such as introduction to the facilities and an access map. However, there are plans to conduct even more assertive information transmission, such as offering value coupons and putting up notices of various events.

‘ Karate Do Kenshinkai Kijima Kyoushitsu (planning, creation, management)
Shotokan School Karate Do Kenshinkai has over 40 years of history since its foundation, and possesses a wide age range membership nationwide consisting of youth to adults.

For the design of this website, we used a dynamic design making use of figures displaying a classic karate movement in order to invoke a sense of karate action. Moreover, we included features such as member only contents via a password confirmation system.

‘ Former Members of Showa Women's University Karate Club (creation)
Showa Women's University Karate Club has over 20 years of history, and is a club that has produced a large amount of athletes. This female alumni club started by Karate Club graduates conducts a variety of activities, such as providing support to currently active athletes.

For this project, we were requested to create a public website to serve as a place where female alumni could gather and communicate. We used illustrations of karate movements for the main image and expressed a sense of femininity and the sharp feel of karate. Moreover, we implemented a simple composition and design to compliment the Showa Women's University website.

‘ Mitsui Company (creation)
Mitsui Company, located in Akasaka, Minato Ward, is a law office which was founded in 2004 with the goal of offering the best services available to clients via a staff of highly experienced lawyers well versed in a variety of corporate law fields.

For this project, we were requested to renew Mitsui's website. In order to create an atmosphere steeped in a traditional Japanese feel with a modern edge, we implemented a dynamic placement of a Hokusai Katsushika print as the main top page image. We also arranged the content pages to have a friendly feel and communicate the special character of the client's company to users, with elements such as the plentiful placement of staff and office photographs.

‘ ASN (creation)
ASN is an architectural office whose main business is to arrange space - including store layouts and food coordination.

First, ASN created a visual design of how they wanted the website to look and feel. Intercast then created a website that accurately reproduced ASNΥs vision.

‘ Taisho Sky Building (planning, creation)
The request called for (1) providing information about the building, and (2) creating a safe company image.

More than just a nuts and bolts introduction of the building layout, we proposed a "lifestyles" section giving information about the building, such as information on shops in the area. We then created a design that aligns a fresh and liberating image with the company name.

We handle all updates after the site launch. The most recent information is constantly viewable.

‘ Cascade Components, Inc. (planning, creation)
Cascade Components, Inc. (Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Main Office: USA) is involved with wholesale businesses that import high quality import construction materials from North America into Japan, and home design, etc.

In reviewing the preexisting site, we carried out renewal focusing on branding with elements such as slogans and logos in addition to our goal of increasing the overall quality of the site in terms of graphics, etc.

‘ TMD, Inc. (planning, creation)
TMD, Inc. is a general trading firm with a head office located in the Shinjuku Ward of Tokyo. They are involved with vending enterprises and writing services, digital identification photograph machines, etc.

In the renewal process we carried out, the following two elements were the main focus:
(1) organizing information about the client's various projects
(2) making a design based on the client's desired image as a "cyclical society"

‘ World Economic Information Services (creation)
World Economic Information Services (WEIS) is a foundation that provides economic forecast reports based on political and economic information from countries around the world collected and analyzed quickly and clearly, sells publications such as directories of domestic import-export companies, etc. and operates Japanese-Chinese business support projects.

In the process of renewal, we created a site design that throws a more intense spotlight on the information providing services without losing the rich information providing ability possessed by the preexisting site.

* We built this website at the request of Niagara Limited.

‘ Home Living (planning, creation, consulting)
AIK Co., Ltd. has been active as an information business providing information on the furniture and interior design industry for many years. In addition to currently publishing an expansive amount of specialist magazines such as "Home Living," AIK Co., Ltd. actively collects information from abroad.

Their website includes a company introduction, publication introduction, and provides up to date news on the furniture and interior design industry, etc. in two languages (Japanese and English).

In the process of site design, we created a design focusing on a news reporting atmosphere able to describe the latest trends in the industry with incredible speed.

‘ Hamaichi Co., Ltd. (planning, creation)
Hamaichi Co., Ltd. is involved in the development and processing as well as import sales of raw materials for food and processed food goods. With a 100% invested plant established in China Hamaichi Co., Ltd. has made strict quality management possible. Also, they are actively involved in Chinese cultural enterprises.

In the design process, we placed the management concept in the upper portion of the page layout so as to clearly express their company policy.

Also, we are facilitating a website wherein recommended product introduction and constant new information updates are provided for the customer.

Currently we have only worked on the top page. However, there are plans to also consecutively update the site contents.

‘ Six Sigma Qualtec (planning, creation)
Six Sigma Qualtec offers business consulting related to the innovative method of quality improvement, "Six Sigma,"

We oversaw planning and creation keeping in mind consistency and uniformity with the main website (English) for Six Sigma Qualtec.

*The client is carrying out post creation design changes and updates.

‘ EURIS Online Shop Yahoo! (planning, creation) NEW
EURIS handles the design, manufacturing, and sales of original leather car seats and goods, and sells real leather drink holders via a Yahoo! Online Shop.

In creating this new website, we focused on such points as: 1) Complimenting the color scheme and design of the EURIS website and constructing an overall sense of brand unity, 2) Providing a photograph composition that includes large size photographs, communicating the attractiveness of the featured item (real leather drink holder), and 3) Depicting the characteristics of the featured item in an easy to understand method via the use of illustrations.

Customer response: Yuritsu Co., Ltd.

A great deal of customers have expressed a strong desire to for information about our products to be available to a wider audience, and it was this that inspired us to go with the online shopping website creation. Intercast, which handles our website with reliability, incorporated our requirements and provided high level proposals making use of their industry know how with speed and an eye for detail. They surpassed our expectations and created a wonderful site that we are very happy with. We are looking forward to creating an even deeper relationship in a variety of areas in the future, and will endeavor towards web page creation which customers will enjoy visiting.

‘ EURIS JAPAN (planning, creation, management, consulting)
EURIS JAPAN is a high quality laser sheet maker with 40 years of history in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

We were asked to create a company brand along with the new site launch. We contributed to brand image creation by handling the total design including a company logo, homepage, pamphlet, etc.

We also oversaw the store design for Auto Planet Nagoya Branch.

‘ Yutori Studio Corporation (creation, management, business partnership)
Yutori Studio Corporation is a company that develops inexpensive, handy company introduction and history publications that overturn the conventional concept and sells them as "Light Shashi" (light company history).

In addition to a product introduction of Light Shashi, the website includes the company summary web pages of clients using Light Shashi

We applied a structure centering around detailed product information, expressing the appeal of Light Shashi.

We also partnered with Yutori Studio Corporation and look forward to tackling new services and product development. Please see the news release for the details.

‘ Kato CPA Office (creation)
Kato CPA Office offer tax advising and CPA audit services. Additionally, they handle inheritance tax, land assignment, and final income tax returns, etc. in association with lawyers.

The web site contains information about tax, such as inheritance tax, in addition to a business model introduction and company concept information.

We placed the contact information, such as the address and phone number on the top page in large letters for ease of contact. To add to this contact oriented design, we then placed the phone number and email address on the bottom of each page.

‘ UnCafe (planning, creation)
UnCafe is located along Aoyama street. It is a restaurant where people can enjoy reasonably priced authentic French food.

In addition to the lunch and dinner menu and house recommended wine list, the website displays information regarding the various dining plans and celebrations offered, such as wedding receptions.

We participated from the planning step and designed a web page with the concept that people receive an impression of the restaurant as having a relaxing atmosphere even with its urban location.

*The client is carrying out post creation updates.

‘ Lei Blanca Beauty Salon (planning, creation, management, consulting)
This was the first request for an entire renewal on a site originally created by us.
The request was for an increase in information delivery capacity.

We proposed styling ideas with a seasonal trend, the use of the bright green salon base color within the site, and a gorgeous design using beautiful, large pictures of the salon. Also, in considering usability for customers, we created navigation allowing direct linkage to each branch shop.

‘ Pension RACLETTE (planning, creation, management)
Pension RACLETTE is a Swiss lodge style inn located on Mt. Hokusei in Nakafurano, Hokkaido. Pets are allowed at the inn.

We gave a great deal of attention to the basic information layout in order to make the room charge and the reservation flow easy to understand. Also, we included many pictures so that people can get the feeling of the expansive, beautiful scenery of Hokkaido.

Along with that, we included pictures of pet animals to express the homey atmosphere of the inn.

‘ Tokyo Serious Disease Organization Communication Association
(creation ) NEW
Tounanren is an Authorized Non-Profit Organization that is commissioned from the Tokyo city government office to act as a hub for providing services such as medical consultation to patients who suffer from a serious disease.

Their website includes information regarding Tounanren's main activities, introductions to participating organizations, and in depth explanations on topics such as serious diseases, disability pension, and health insurance treatment.

We were requested to give this website, which we created 4 years ago, a holistic overhaul. In the process of renewal, we maintained the previously established tranquil image and implemented an even more user-friendly design and navigation style.

Furthermore, we implemented a Content Management System (CMS) for the first time. This allows the client to create pages with simple text input in a management window. Providing CMS is a new service we plan to develop further.

‘ Care Link Co., Ltd. (creation, management, consulting)
Care Link Co., Ltd. provides nursing services such as pay nursing homes and group homes, and promotes its franchise business.

We organized their wide-ranging services and created a website accordingly so that the website was intelligible to first-time visitors to the website. On the web design front, we introduced a website navigation that enabled visitors to grasp their location on the website at all times.

‘ Chihou Net (creation, management, consulting)
Chihou Net is a community where the members of the families who care for their disabled or ill relative(s), and care-givers such as care managers and helpers exchange opinions.

We sorted out each piece of information to develop a website that was intelligible, and used our own illustrations to give visitors a friendly impression.

We simplified the message board functions to make it easy to use.

‘ Japan Rheumatism Friendship Association (creation)
Japan Rheumatism Friendship Association is an organization that raises awareness and educates the general public on rheumatism by issuing magazines on recuperation, implementing rehab clinical consultations and so forth.

Their website introduces their main activities and "Nagare" a magazine on recuperation as well as an elaboration of rheumatism.

We inherited the web design from their old website, and improved their website navigation mainly by rebuilding the website and/or reviewing the webpage layout.

* We built this website at the request of Pfizer Japan Inc.
* They update the website by themselves after the completion of the website.

‘ Japan Parkinson Disease Association (creation)

* We built this website at the request of Pfizer Japan Inc.
* They update the website by themselves after the completion of the website.
‘ Sculptor: Touru Yokoyama (creation)

This website introduces the personal history, works and so forth of Mr. Touru Yokoyama, a professional sculptor as well as the professor of Aoyama Gakuin University.
Other achievements

Other achievements
‘ Arisu Dent. A4 sized pamphlets, envelopes, and business cards
Dentist in Hiro

‘ Lei Blanca A4 sized leaflets
Beauty salon in Mishuku

‘ EURIS JAPAN store design, business cards
High-grade leather seat maker in Nagoya

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