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Web Business Simple

Overview and Specifications of Web Business Simple
"We want to practice public relations on our own website but we have no idea how to do it exactly."
Web Business simple is perfect for the customer with those kinds of apprehensions about the web.

"We have no idea what to start with to build our own website and make our shops known as many people as possible." Web Business Simple is the right package plan for those who are planning to launch a web business from scratch.

Web Business Simple includes some basic web business services such as the purchase of a domain name ( and creation of a website, so even customers who don't know much about websites can have their own website without hassle.
When it comes to the creation of a website, we give customer meetings first priority. That is why our web pages are perfect in satisfying the customer's website concept.

Furthermore, we will offer you an "on-site personal computer class" so that you can learn how the Internet works and its basic technical terms.

Develop a good grasp of the Internet and make use of your website with us!

Website cost (Website creation package)@
₯ Induction course (3 hours)
₯ Website creation (5 pages)
₯ Domain name purchase ij
₯ Server Setup
₯ Personal computer class (2 hours)
* It will take five weeks to complete your website.

Website maintenance cost: from \3,900 a month
₯ Web server rental (this is where you store your web pages. Required)
₯ E-mail services (Optional)
₯ Website updating, message board creation, search engine submission (Optional)

* For more information, please contact via e-mail.
* Our services are available to companies and self-employed individuals only.

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