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A website production/translation package service to support companies that want to have business transactions with companies overseas through their websites and clients that want to build a multilingual website

There are some proven styles that attract many clients (viewers) to a website. Simple translation is sometimes not good enough to create an effective website.

We build multilingual websites utilizing necessary know-how that we have accumulated through extensive experience in website production and translation so the websites we create have great appeal.

Website creation basic fee: \50,000 or more
Top page production fee: \88,000 or more
Other page production fee: \24,800 or more
Operating expense (Approx. 10% of the total production cost)
* Page production fees include expenses for photo processing, title creation, and translation to make an estimate clear.

Steps: estimation to delivery

(1) Consultation: We discuss content, text to be translated, purpose of the website, and production schedule with you.

(2) Estimation: Based on the consultation, we propose the website's contents and submit an estimate. If you agree with the estimate, place an order so we can start production work as soon as possible.

(3) Website design: We present two designs. Please select one. (If you would like something different, feel free to ask us.)

(4) Translation: Prepare the original document that you ordered in step (2). We start translation work as soon as we receive the original text.

(5) Website building: We build a website using the design and contents that you have approved in steps (3) and (4).

(6) Pre-completion and check: We show you the pre-finished website and make final corrections before it is completed.

Completion and delivery: The website will be put up with a registered address (for example, www.corporate
We will send you an invoice, CD-ROM, and other necessary materials within a week after the opening of the website.

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