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Web Business Simple

* From ordering to completion
Step 1. Induction course
You may have a vague idea of a website in mind; "we want to have this sort of website!" So we will discuss in detail your website concept, including elements such as the contents of the website and its design. Also please feel free to consult with us about your domain name ( and so forth.

We will prepare quotes for you on the basis of the discussion. We will send you our quotes by mail (or fax). Please place your order upon accepting our quotes. This concludes the ordering process.

Step 2. Website creation
Keeping in line with the decisions made in the primary discussion, we will build a sample of a clearly designed top page. We will have another meeting with you to let you check our proposal. You are encouraged to make any requests about the modification of the web design.

Following the web design, we will begin to build a website after we receive your written content for the website. Web Business Simple creates up to 5 pages. This will be enough at the early stage of a website.

Step 3. Completion and delivery
Merely building a website does not let you view your website on the Internet. As you need land to build your house, you will need the space (server) to upload your finished website.

We will send you your website files uploaded on your server with your domain name ( Delivery is completed when a final acceptance check of your website is carried out.

Note that Web Business Simple will normally take approximately 5 weeks from the induction course to the final acceptance check.


* Option
The real start begins when your new website has completed. The 2 keys to getting to be one of the well-recognized websites are to actively promote your website in the public eye, and to continue fleshing out your website, updating with new information in response to users' requests.

You are encouraged to try our optional services (Interecast Support Service) such as website updates and message board creation.

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